To be a reliable resource for senior citizens

I’ve been thinking about my life after retirement for a while now. It’s been said that “the last 15 years of your life”, but recently, many people are searching for a second career after retirement, such as a career change for seniors. In fact, there are many senior citizens who want to try a new job as a life plan after retirement due to the uncertainty of the government’s pension guarantee. Taking on a new job after retirement is quite a burden for a person of their age and requires a great spirit of challenge to jump into a new world. Businesspeople in their twenties, thirties, and forties tend to be biased toward the value that working hard to get ahead is the most rewarding way to live and enrich their own lives. However, when considering life after retirement, some people may realize that career in society is not the only value that enriches their lives. In order for senior citizens to be considered as necessary human resources in the social system, what kind of life plan do they need to draw? I would like to pose such questions to the younger generation of businesspeople, including those in their 20s.