Career Change Magic

After 10 years of service, Mr. S. took on the challenge of a career change and achieved a unique career change from a food processing company to an IT company. Mr. S., who has been a friend of mine since our student days, told everyone that his goal was to change his career in 10 years. I was surprised that he actually did it. I was surprised that he actually did it. He went from working in a food factory to the IT industry. At a toast to celebrate his career change, which was also an alumni reunion, I asked him what kind of magic he had done. Mr. T. Saki, who has been a childhood friend of Mr. S. since elementary school, was the first one to reminisce about how he used to write out his yearly study plan in his university notebook as a study timeline at the opening ceremony in April. Mr. T. Saki. Since childhood, his motto has been, “Do what you say, do what you do.” He always set goals for both his schoolwork and club activities, set weekly and daily tasks for himself to achieve those goals, and amazed everyone around him with his unflagging efforts. After graduating from high school, everyone thought that he would go on to college, but he chose to work in the local food industry. We congratulated him on his new job.