If there is a problem account

For example, customer satisfaction was very high, but there were a few things that bothered me.
That is, we had two problematic accounts.
This lowered the overall customer satisfaction and service level agreement performance.
Another problem the business was having was the delay in onboarding new customers.
At this point, they were wondering how much of the delay was self-inflicted or customer related.
Overall rating – 1030 out of 1200 . That is, it was a ready-to-fly grade, a good rating overall, and business was generally good.
However, there were some key areas that needed very careful attention.
Top-line revenue growth was a little lower than we had hoped.
The problem was not related to the ability to generate demand or close deals, but to the existing customer base.
In other words, it was related to the existing customer base, and some of the exited accounts were impacting the underlying revenue.
In short, it was making top-line growth difficult.
On the profit side, we are on track to meet our profit targets due to strong gross margins and basic scalability of our delivery model.
In addition, some of our existing customers who were having problems were having some of the problems of our larger customers.
This was impacting overall customer satisfaction and SLA performance.