Technology in nonprofits and churches is often undervalued. Technology can be a great tool to increase productivity, increase revenue and reduce long-term expenses, all of which should be especially valued by nonprofits.

First, I’d like to share a few tips and recommendations that are particularly useful for nonprofits. Many of the major manufacturers of software and technology hardware have discount and donation programs that are available only to nonprofits. The first tip is to sign up for services that offer such discounts.

For example, a clearinghouse that basically allows technology companies to verify eligibility and donate hardware and software to nonprofits. So once you are verified as an eligible nonprofit, you can buy hardware and software through their website at a great discount. Currently, some of the major software companies offer some of their products completely free of charge.

Other bundles, such as bundle sets that include the desktop version of the software, can be acquired for about half the retail price. It’s a great tool for productivity and collaboration with the number one market share in the industry.

We also recommend that churches sign up and include a certain church-oriented service in their budget. It started out as a worship planning software that is fully hosted online. It allows you to fully plan services, songs, announcements and more. You can also schedule volunteers for each area (worship teams, ushers, children’s ministers, etc.).

In addition, we are still working on adding other apps, including a full membership and visitor tracking program. Related services include the ability to schedule and reserve facility resources such as rooms, tables, chairs and projectors. Other services include connecting with payment processing services to allow users to donate online or via text or other means. The records there are automatically updated by the app. In addition, they’ve also added a group app to manage small groups.